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Cattle farmers solve a slippery problem

The best solutions come from practice. Two cattle farmers came together to figure out how to tackle the problem of slippery stall floors. By observing, thinking, trying and persevering. And of course by using farmers’ wisdom. The result is a product that delights many of their colleagues.


The origins of Cowrubber

Farmer Piet Lekkerkerker from Giekerk (Friesland) installed a rubber floor in his milking stall a few years ago. He used old conveyor belts from the mining industry for this. “I was sure that this material would be good for the hooves.” Besides that, the mining belts were relatively cheap.”

It proved to be impractical. The floor was too smooth, and even cost him several cows. “In sheer frustration, I removed it all again.” But Lekkerkerker did not give up on the idea. He kept looking for a way to make the rubber floors more rough.

That’s when he met fellow farmer and lover of technique, Herman Ebbers from Dedemsvaart. It clicked between both men and after several months of experimenting, they found the right technique and the right profile. Cowrubber was born.

Our team

Arjan Lekkerkerker

Co-owner of Cowrubber and involved in our product from A to Z. Arjan is not only the first point of contact for our customers, he also provides quotes and manufactures and installs the rubber mats himself.
Telephone: +31 (0)6 291 15 117

Piet Lekkerkerker

In Giekerk (Friesland), he and his wife and son milk 200 cows.
Telephone: +31 (0)6 302 84 280


Floor comfort for Cow and Farmer

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