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  • Excellent grip

    Because of the profiling in the mat, the rubber is soft and pliant for your cows.

  • Low-emission floor

    During renovation Cowrubber also offers the option of a low-emission floor.

  • Long lifecycle

    Thanks to the top-quality rubber matting with steel wire inlay, the Cowrubber mat is hardwearing and will last for life!

  • Favourable price/quality ratio

    An investment that always pays off. Certainly when you consider its durability and the improved performance of your cows.

  • Portable

    The heavy Cowrubber mats come in rolls. Because of their weight, they stay firmly in place. During conversion or renovation works, the mat can be rolled up again and used elsewhere.

  • Multiple applications

    Cowrubber is not only the ideal floor surface for cows. Horses, sheep and people also have better grip with this innovative floor.


Floor comfort for Cow and Farmer

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